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Chemical Balance
The first, most important thing required to maintain a swimming pool is proper chemical balance. Chemical levels must be checked regularly and adjusted according to results.

Filter Maintenance
The main filter must be checked on regularly and cleaned about once per month depending on the pressure gauge located on the filter. When the pressure rises about 10 PSI above the clean pressure it is time to backwash or clean the filter. All leaf baskets must be emptied about every two weeks or when full. If either the main filter or leaf baskets are left for too long, the circulation will slow down and often lead to a green pool.

The Last step in maintaining your swimming pool is to manually clean the pool. This includes skimming, brushing, and vacuuming the pool. If you have properly working system than cleaning your pool should be fairly easy. The system will do most of the work for you. If you have an automated vacuum (highly recommended) you will need to brush the walls and the steps, and skim out all leaves on the surface about once every two weeks. If you do not have an automatic vacuum you will also need to manually vacuum the pool about once per week.


How does a pool system work?

Basic System

First water is pulled from the pool through the skimmer. The skimmer is located on the top edge of the pool and has a leaf basket to catch leaves and large debris. The water then flows through a second leaf basket right before the pump. Then the water travels through the pump and the main filter. The main filter removes all dirt and small debris. The clean water then returns back into the pool. The timer automatically runs the system for 6-12 hours per day.


Basic system with spa

If you have a spa connected to your pool, then your system will be slightly different. For normal operation you will need to set the valves (usually near pump and filter) to pull water from the pool and return to the spa. The spa then overflows into the pool. This insures both the pool and spa water are filtered daily. Once set, the valves will not need adjusting until you would like to heat the spa. To heat the spa, you will adjust the suction valve before the pump to pull water from the spa instead of the pool. This will force the water to be pulled from the spa and returned to the spa allowing you to heat only the spa.

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