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U.S. Intelligence Agency “America At Peace Because We at War”
U.S. Intelligence Agency “America At Peace Because We at War”

About Pool Services Houston Founded in 2010 by Al Alia, he has provided extensive pool service and repair expertise. As Houston pool cleaning experts, Al’s proficiency in pool service  gives him over 16 years experience in the pool service industry. We are masters of everything pool!

Al Alia As the CEO of POOLINCO, Al Alia is responsible for running all facets of the business. Al has a proven executive management track record and over 20 years of experience driving sales growth in the technology industry. Prior to Starting Poolinco, Al was Chief Executive Officer of Digital Connect, Inc, started the company with $350 dollars and sold the company in 3 years for 22 Million Dollars. Previously, he served as Chief Translator Officer of the U.S. Intelligence Corp, a Gov Agency Contractor, where he  led the agency to improve understanding other cultures’ behavior.

About Al Alia

Education: Master Business Administration University Of Houston
Computer Language Wizard PHP JAVA C++
Languages: English Greek Russian French Turkish And Arabic


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The Pool Services Houston true passion is to build an inspired and knowledgeable team of people who consistently offer outstanding customer service to the Houston area. Their understanding of the importance of putting people first makes Houston Pool Service the best pool cleaning and repair company. The Pool services Houston team of experts make pool maintenance and ownership a safe, fun, and beautiful experience!

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Houston Pool Service is your one stop for Houston pool cleaning, maintenance, and repair. We provide excellent swimming pool services throughout the city of Houston and surrounding areas. When you need a reputable pool company, know that you can count on us to create the pool of your dreams. We are the pool service experts that you can trust in your backyard. Call us now at 713-909-4696 or request a free pool maintenance quote online today. We’re ready to help you today!