Chlorine is the most important chemical used in pool clarity.Disinfection is the most important factor in maintaining a safe and healthy swimming pool.Chlorine is the most widely applied disinfecting agent and is used by Splash Pool Service. With out adequate chlorine in the water, it’s only a matter of time before algae and bacteria begin to form. One day without chlorine is all it takes for a pool to start turning green. It is very important to keep pool chlorine/disinfectant in the water at all times.

What is it?

It was in 1774 when a Swedish chemist named Carl Scheele discovered the element Chlorine when he mixed powdered pyrolusite into muriatic acid. It gained its name from the Greek word “Khloros”, which means “green”.

Today is one of the most widely produced chemicals in the US, finding its way into a multitude of products. It is so deeply inter-twined into industry that finding alternatives would indeed change our daily lives.

It is also used for the production of numerous products, across all segments. Some plastics can contain over 50% of it by volume. Just about any manufactured product uses it at one step along the way. It is also used in many industries for disinfection or sanitizing of surfaces, equipment or aqueous solutions, including pool water.

It is produced by the electrolysis of salt water. When electricity is passed through 2NaCl (salt) and 2H20 (water), the atoms dissociate into Cl2 (chlorine) + 2NaOH (sodium Hydroxide) + H2 (Hydrogen).

When using a salt generator on a pool, it is created by the salt cell, a stack of electrically charged plates. When power is applied to these cells, and salty water is pumped through the cell, it is created instantly as the water leaves the salt cell and is pumped into the pool.

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