Katy Pool Leak Detection

Katy Pool Leak Detection For Pools, Spas & Fountains

Katy Pool Leak Detection Features  pools, spas, and fountains personalize a residence. Whether you want to get your exercise in by swimming or want to unwind in a spa, our leak detection specialists can help ensure you enjoy all the amenities of your home. Because such structures have a large body of water, it can be difficult to detect leaks until serious damage has occurred. Our highly-trained professionals use advanced technology and non-intrusive techniques to locate your leaks.

Signs you have a leak in your water features:

  • Pool, spa, or fountain loses more water than regular evaporation
  • You see cracks on the side of the structure
  • Equipment loses prime
  • The water feature is old or outdated
  • You add water to the unit more than once a week

Pool leaks can be costly because they often go undetected and compromise the structure. Our skilled technicians use state-of-the-art technology to locate and address any leaks that might be present in the structure or cracked plumbing.


At Poolinco, we are committed to you, the customer. Your satisfaction is our main priority. Unlike other companies who often guess when finding a leak, we use advanced technology and innovative methods to accurately locate the problem, before creating lasting solutions.