Maytronics Dolphin Pool Cleaner M400


Weekly timer
Programmable weekly timer and cleaning cycle selector
MyDolphin™ Plus mobile app
Set & Forget
MyDolphin™ Plus mobile app
Interchangeable set of filters
Interchangeable set of fine and ultra-fine filters, removes either rough or fine dirt and debris
Active cleaning
Actively cleans and scrubs away algae and bacteria
Tangle free cable
Tangle free cable Keeps it safe, clean, and simple


The M 400 provides highly efficient pool cleaning for pools up to 15m in length. Advanced systems ensure accurate scanning for systematic coverage of floor, walls and waterline, leaving clean and hygienic water. Step-up to a new pool cleaning experience. Get an outstanding full-pool clean, with total coverage regardless of pool shape, slope or obstacles. With the new MyDolphin™ Plus mobile app, the M 400 is always connected giving you the power to control your cleaner from anywhere, at any time.


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