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Real Estate Properties

Real Estate Properties As Everyone loves having a backyard pool but does it add monetary value to your home, especially when it’s time to sell?

As leaders in the real estate industry, Property In Texas has years of experience in determining which areas of a home have the most weight or value-added features when it comes to buying and selling. We have teamed up with the leading swimming pool contractors Houston Pool Services, serving Houston since 1990 in swimming pool design, repair, renovation & maintenance services, to provide you the best information possible. Below is a list of 5 simple ways having a pool can add value to your home.

Cool off in style

Texas is known to have a hot climate year-round, so having access to a pool can be very refreshing and relaxing on humid days. Buyers will see this as a plus, an added-value, as many purchasers are either new to Texas or looking to upgrade from a shared common space, so a private pool is a nice luxury to have.

Entertain at ease

Whether you have kids, or whether you just enjoy the idea of sipping cocktails on the outdoor patio, having a pool creates an easy social hub in your back garden. Kids can splash and play on their floaties while getting in some good quality exercise. Adults can find the perfect spot to host a dinner party under the stars in a swanky back-garden retreat.


A pool should be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing depending on an owner’s needs. From flowing fountains to lights that change colour, or even a shallow area for sunbathing in style, a pool can be a beautiful addition to the home and improve the overall look and feel of the outdoor entertaining space from the eyes of the buyer.

Resale Value

Everybody wants to be the home that people want to go to and spend time such as birthdays and backyard BBQ’s around the pool. The real estate market has seen a $15,000 to $100,000+ increase in selling homes with pools as agents see it as an added bonus for interested buyers. It is a great investment for family homes, especially since buyers with kids will be more likely to purchase a home that is conducive to their active island lifestyle.

It’s an expectation of home owners

Living on or near the water is a dream for many people living and moving to Texas for the first time, especially since they are used to living in higher-end condominiums that provide shared swimming pools as part of the strata. A home buyer will most likely be more attracted to a property with an inviting pool because of the privacy and easy accessibility in their own space.

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