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About Poolinco USA  Founded in 2010 by Al Alia, he has provided extensive pool service and repair expertise for Houston Pool Service.
As Houston pool cleaning experts, Al’s proficiency in pool service  gives him over 16 years experience in the pool service industry. We are masters of everything pool!

Your One Stop for Houston Pool Cleaning, Maintenance, and Repair

The poolinco true passion is to build an inspired and knowledgeable team of people who consistently offer outstanding customer service to the Houston area. Their understanding of the   importance of putting people first makes Houston Pool Service the best Houston pool cleaning, maintenance, and repair company. The Icleanpool team of experts make pool maintenance and   ownership a safe, fun, and beautiful experience!

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Houston Pool Service is your one stop for Houston pool cleaning, maintenance, and repair. We provide excellent swimming pool services throughout the city of Houston and surrounding areas. When you need a reputable, knowledgeable, caring pool company, know that you can count on us to create the pool of your dreams. We are the pool service experts that you can trust in your backyard. Call us now at 713-909-4696 or request a free pool maintenance quote online today. We’re ready to help you today!

Poolinco Plan APlan A$149

Poolinco Plan A Includes:

Weekly Chemical Check

Balance Chemicals

Robot Pool Man 7 Days Cleaning & Brushing

Free Filter Cleaning Every 90 Days

Require $700 Deposit To Secure Our Robot


Poolinco Plan BPlan A Plus free Repairs$269

Poolinco Plan C Includes:

Plan B

Monthly Filter Cleaning

Free Repair

Parts At Our Cost

Emergency Cleaning


Poolinco Plan CLab Plan$75

Poolinco Lab Plan Includes:

Checking Pool Chemistry

Checking Pool Physics

Adding Chemicals

Free Advice

Weekly Service

Happy Clients
Years in Business
Cups of Coffee
High Score

Poolinco is top notch. We have experienced nothing but exceptional service all across the board. We used their Pool School and their weekly service and truly have to say they are worth every penny. I highly recommend them.


5/5 based on 1412 reviews

Diana Simmotta

Diana Simmotta

I loved my experienced with Poolinco Pools in Houston. The team does amazing work, with great attention to detail and just outstanding customer service. My questions were always answered and I am so happy with the final product. Highly recommend!


5/5 based on 1414 reviews

Janine Wilson

Janine Wilson

Al is good and fair. Our pump stopped working , he came over felt with us and gave us his cost. He is the man! He Also Cleaned My Filter Free And Provided Me with a Box Of DE Powder For My Filter. I will recommend to others in the future.


5/5 based on 1415 reviews

Christina Freinsberg

Christina Freinsberg

I was referred to Poolinco by a friend and I am glad I went with it. Al (the owner) is a super nice guy who got the job done right. I also like that he doesn’t nickle and dime his services. I will recommend to others in the future.


5/5 based on 1413 reviews

Matt Shafiezadeh

Matt ShafiezadehUrban Genessis

Repair Your Pool  Leak with Poolinco Pool Services Houston,  Texas Check out our options and features included.

Pool Leak Detection For Pools, Spas & Fountains

Houston Pool Cleaning And Repair Leak Detection Features  pools, spas, and fountains personalize a residence. Whether you want to get your exercise in by swimming or want to unwind in a spa, our leak detection specialists can help ensure you enjoy all the amenities of your home. Because such structures have a large body of water, it can be difficult to detect leaks until serious damage has occurred. Our highly-trained professionals use advanced technology and non-intrusive techniques to locate your leaks.

Signs you have a leak in your water features:

Pool, spa, or fountain loses more water than regular evaporation

You see cracks on the side of the structure

Equipment loses prime

The water feature is old or outdated

You add water to the unit more than once a week

Pool leaks can be costly because they often go undetected and compromise the structure. Our skilled technicians use state-of-the-art technology to locate and address any leaks that might be present in the structure or cracked plumbing.


At Poolinco Houston Pool Cleaning And Repair, we are committed to you, the customer. Your satisfaction is our main priority. Unlike other companies who often guess when finding a leak, we use advanced technology and innovative methods to accurately locate the problem, before creating lasting solutions.